Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Is Your Provider Privileging Process Complicated? Simplify It!

We are excited to introduce our latest addition to the Echo provider solutions product family, Privilege Content and Criteria Builder™ (PCCB).  The perfect way to simplify your core provider privileging process, saving valuable time and ensuring a robust compliance program.

Home Privileging Screen

Echo has partnered with Morrisey Associates, the industry-leader in privileging library content and criteria development, to provide these key capabilities and more:

No more looking through books or conducting manual research. Our web-based comprehensive privileging content library, provides delineated privileges for over 100 adult and pediatric specialties, including ICD and CPT codes. 

Easily select and assign privileges with our convenient privilege grouping functionality based on specialties and sub-specialties. Other departments can view granted privileges for quick look up and verification.

Seamlessly create and customize privilege forms from Morrisey’s content with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Hospitals can use completed forms electronically or in print and import them from the PCCB website directly into our EchoCredentialing platform.

Click here to learn more about our new PCCB product or call us at 1-800-733- 8737.
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