Wednesday, March 8, 2017

7 Reasons Why Health System Contact Centers Need an Event Management Solution

Guest Post by Kay Lynn Akers, Director of Client Experience; Echo, A HealthStream Company.

Today healthcare organizations are holding classes, screenings and programs for a wide range of people.  Whether the target audience is the community, patients, employees or providers the expectation is that the events are well managed and often that responsibility falls to the organization’s contact center.

Keeping track of all the courses, their details, enrollees, payments and correspondence is a challenge. Here are 7 reasons why health system contact centers need an event management solution:

Volume - It’s difficult to enroll a large volume of people using pen and paper.  No matter how many staff are involved it’s virtually impossible to keep a good master list of registrants if multiple people are taking names on multiple tracking systems.

Payments - When dealing with payments there are security considerations as well as process.  It’s important to use a solution that is PCI compliant in addition to having other features such as ability to pay for all classes in one transaction, document payments, and produce receipts.

Communications -  Sending out confirmation and reminder emails to event registrants would be an enormous job manually.  Healthcare contact centers need a solution that can automate these important tasks.  Another important communication is event lists or class rosters for the assigned speakers, facilitators and instructors.  Event management systems offer automated rosters and lists that can be emailed to these contacts and organizers starting at the preferred date for that event.

Reporting -  Paper-based event management doesn’t result in easy reporting.  After an event, it’s important to know the total fees collected, number of registrants among other metrics.  Software can generate these reports for classes individually and aggregated.  It’s easy to slice and dice the data for a variety of perspectives when it’s in an event management system.

Transaction Speed -  Looking up a class or program, finding the right date and then getting on the information needed for registration takes time.  Having a system that can quickly pull up the right event and day is essential and saves time.  Plus, if someone has registered previously, verifying their demographic information is going to be much quicker than capturing it all over again which would be necessary with a manual system.

Self-service - Event management systems offering online registration enable target audiences to register at their convenience versus having to work around your staffing hours. It’s a win-win because a higher volume can be managed with fewer team members by offering web enrollments.

Follow-up - In today’s world people expect emails within minutes of registering for an event.  An event management system can automatically send out these confirmations and receipts without human intervention.  They appreciate reminder emails a few days in advance of the event.  After the event send a link to an online survey via email to close the circle of communication.

These are just a few key operational and patient experience reasons health care organizations should use an automated event management process for their program offerings.

Now that you know some of the ways your call center can more efficiently promote and conduct events with the right event management tools, standardizing on these best practices can transform your call center into a patient experience hub. What to learn more? Click here.



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