Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Are You A Provider Enrollment Specialist? We Need Your Input!

Traditionally, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and medical groups have viewed provider enrollment in health plans as a back-office function, lacking strategic importance. More recently however, a number of changes in the industry have caused this function to be viewed in a much more important light.

#1 - Hospitals, healthcare organizations, and large medical groups have employed providers in record numbers, taking on the responsibility of their credentialing and provider enrollment.

#2 - Credentialing and enrollment processes are woefully inefficient in light of current volumes and reporting demands.

#3 - Hospitals, healthcare organizations, and medical groups are actively seeking solutions that will improve efficiency and revenue cycle management.

Against this backdrop, for the past two years we have embarked on examining the current and changing environment for provider enrollment and the implications it has for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and medical groups. Collecting input from provider enrollment specialists like you to benchmark industry data and showcase important industry trends that affect your profession.

Once again, we are preparing our 2017 report on provider enrollment and can use your help. If you are a provider enrollment specialist with a hospital, healthcare organization or medical group, please take a few minutes to help us understand your role and the changes affecting provider enrollment within your organization.

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